This workshop provides an innovative and proactive character education program carefully tailored to meet your educational community’s needs. Drawing on real life experience and historic events, the presenter utilizes a blend of humor, drama and role-playing to engage audiences in exploration of topics critical to the civic mission of schools. Topics discussed include avoiding destructive decisions, conflict management, personal responsibility, tolerance, shared values, interpersonal relationship skills, and ethical conduct for the betterment of each student, our schools and our society. Students and adults experiencing this workshop report improvements in school climate (especially related to reduction in bullying and discriminatory conduct) and overall empowerment related to leadership, social confidence, academic purpose, and upholding the dignity of all community members. Having been successfully implemented in school communities throughout New York State (and nationally), this workshop is uniquely designed to assist all schools by addressing bullying, discrimination, intimidation and harassment based on all aspects of human diversity. Character Education / Human Diversity Workshops are available for students in grades 5-12, as well as college level presentations. For New York Schools, special attention is given to assisting schools in meeting the mandates of the Dignity for All Students Act. Parent and staff development workshops for educators and school personnel are also available that address these themes. Refer to Topics below for further information.


​This program is designed to heighten students’ awareness to the ramifications of decisions, both positive and negative, one makes while operating a motor vehicle.  Utilizing innovative perspective and discussion of actual incidents and realistic subject matter, the presenter blends his experience as a police officer and an actor.  Using emotion as an educational tool, this workshop includes topics such as the Vehicle and Traffic Law, driving skills and driving under the influence.  Students will gain invaluable knowledge in reference to operating a motor vehicle in a safe, responsible, mature and lawful manner.  This program is appropriate for high school students. An additional program for parents of teen drivers is also available.


This workshop is for students (high school and college), educators and public and private sector employees. Ethical Awareness Training has recently become a key component in the education of public sector professionals.  The objective of such training is to clarify and enhance a multitude of positive thoughts utilizing critical thinking.  These goals, through training, can be accomplished in diverse ways, all of which when translated to educators provides immeasurable value to students.

           The applicability of ethical awareness provides for a strong background in character strengthening, civic responsiveness and moral behavior, all of which are key dynamics to classroom teaching and student-centered learning.

           The methodology of such a program is unique in the manner in which it is presented by trained personnel.  Instead of trying to teach ethical behavior, a more productive method is to conduct internal ethical awareness workshops where educators are allowed and even prompted to discuss their thoughts and feelings, be challenged by others, asked to redefine statements, confront and be confronted, and then change their thinking, their attitudes and their behavior.  The educational process is rational and has clear continuity of psychological, intellectual and emotional development running through each session.  The ethical awareness workshop experience involves a continuity of involvement that impacts strongly on individual commitment to personal and professional ethics.

           The workshop training is structured with special exercises that develop participants to the point where they must make decisions on “moral dilemmas” unique to their profession.  Through this process of interaction and confrontation with self and others the student learns more about his/her own values, morals, ethics, principles and standards; what is more, he/she is committed to that which is within himself/herself and ethical dedication to maintaining his/her personal and organizational integrity.

           The teacher/student who successfully completes this program can then bring this valuable training to students of varying academic and demographic backgrounds.  These students, through the benefits of this training, will develop critical thinking skills that can be applied to the socialization process.  This would include a more complete understanding in an ethical and moral way of the institutions of government, economy, diversity and human interaction.

           Additionally, student skills in decision-making would be broadly enhanced to include values clarification as a factor rather than expediency.  This view of “Ethical Awareness” and its importance to teachers and their students is becoming an integral part of the modern education process.  This program is applicable to public and private sector employees and students.


This workshop serves as a precursor to student seminars allowing the educator insight regarding the content of subsequent student workshops.  The program is appropriate for educators of all grade levels as it can be utilized by the educator to enhance students’ character education development.


Education is threefold consisting of parents, educators and students. For that reason, I offer two parent seminars, character development and driver safety awareness.  These workshops enlighten the parent in reference to the comprehensive program on character development and/or driver safety awareness their child will experience. These programs will assist the parent in understanding topics pertinent to today’s youth.


We all enroll in "the class of life." Why do some of us fare better in this course? Through similes, humor and verbal demonstration students learn the do's and don't's of success. Engaging in small role play and "how to" behavior demonstrates that certain body language and verbal expression will lead participants into a life of fulfilling their goals. Scenarios depicting daily actions show students how the slightest attention to detail can make the greatest difference. Interpersonal and life skills are addressed and reinforced. Learn how to recognize your potential by not taking small things for granted. Sign up for the class of life and earn lifelong credit. This program is appropriate for high school seniors and college students.