Paul D. Failla, a retired twenty-seven year veteran of the Suffolk County Police Department, New York, has developed a unique array of programs relating to Character Education, Violence Reduction, Tolerance, Human Diversity and Driver’s Safety Awareness.  Paul is also a seasoned actor having performed in over forty- five regional theater productions, three feature films and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild.  Theater has played a large part in the motivation of Paul’s programs, whereas he believes that entertainment is a powerful avenue in which to relay information.  Paul’s background includes, but is not limited to, teaching, performing and educational consulting.

            As a police officer Paul has been an invited guest speaker in schools and colleges throughout the New York metropolitan area, upstate New York and outside of New York State for over twenty years.  As an educational consultant, Paul launched his Character Education and Driver’s Safety Awareness programs several years ago.  Since their inception the programs have been introduced in over sixty school districts, numerous colleges and universities, superintendent conferences and staff development seminars.  Thousands of students, teachers, administrators and parents have witnessed and participated in his workshops that are individually designed to meet the needs of the various institutions in which they are held.  Each program is geared to the audience it is intended for and specifically addresses the concerns of its participants.

            Paul has also been able to use previous presentations to expand his programs.  He presented at the New York State Bar Association’s Law, Youth and Citizenship's Statewide Conferences, New York State Social Studies and Supervisory Association Conventions, the Long Island Council for the Social Studies, Long Island University Administrators/Faculty Conference and the New York State Association of Police Chiefs Conference.  Paul has conducted numerous leadership seminars and delivered the keynote address at the New York State SADD Convention, the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Council of Saratoga County, New York and was bestowed the honor of appearing at several high school graduations as a commencement speaker.  In addition to these pertinent appearances is Paul’s four years as a continuing education instructor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice through the office of Special Programs/ Continuing and Professional Studies.  Paul has received over four thousand letters from students, parents and educators who have attended his workshops as well as plaudits from Newsday, Dan’s Paper and various local and school papers for his engaging work.

            “Creating a positive social climate within our schools and our homes can have a huge impact on the lives of those we encounter” is a philosophy internalized by Paul Failla.  This creed is what drives his programs and creates the tone for each workshop.  Humor is wholeheartedly factored into each presentation.  Through the soliloquy of humor and drama, Paul presents examples of societal prejudices and the harmful consequences of them.  The content of each tailor-made workshop is used to heighten awareness of destructive decisions and to learn how to navigate the different courses that life presents.  This, in essence, is the mission of his programs.